Where can I find a Benson sedation dentist?

Dental anxiety and dental phobia affect between 9 and 14% of people across the United States. Characterized by an intense and persistent fear of visiting the dentist, people who struggle with this condition often put off getting the routine treatment or emergency care that is required to maintain optimal oral health. To make certain that everyone gets the care they need, our Benson sedation dentist offers safe and controlled options in dental sedation.

Benson sedation dentist

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you may avoid routine dental checkups or ignore dental problems that require immediate care. Avoiding treatment can put you at an increased risk for periodontal disease, tooth decay, and other conditions that can compromise your oral health as well as your overall well-being. Fortunately, with the care of our skilled and experienced Benson sedation dentist, you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile without any added stress or delay. By offering options in dental sedation, we can provide patients with calmer treatment experience as they enjoy a deeper feeling of relaxation. Among the many benefits offered by dental sedation, is that it also makes a lengthy procedure feel like it’s over in just minutes. Since you are still awake during all forms of conscious sedation, you will still be able to respond to verbal cues from your dentist.

At the office of James T. Parker DDS, the care and comfort of our patients are our top priorities and we are committed to providing a positive experience at every visit. Our Benson sedation dentist keeps pace with the most advanced approaches to care to help you feel most at ease and provides treatment that is customized to meet your individual needs. To learn more about sedation dentistry and the many services that we provide, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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